A novel "L'Arret de mort" written by Maurice Blanchot tells a story about the woman who came back to life agein for called by a man, and made an exchange with the man, and finally died again. However, after I finished reading it, I felt both awful desolation, and ununderstandable quiet relief that trancend finiteness of human beings. Because of this strangeness I made this quie difficult challenge of making play from this novel.

-Yojiro Okamura  Director,Playwright,Actor


Founded in 1994 by actor-director Okamura Yojiro, the company devises contemporary verse drama, by paradoxically utilizing the improvisational potential as well as the non-naturalistic physicality and style of traditional noh theatre. Furthermore the Ami Theatre explores the possibilities of making a new contemporary mask drama.In constructing a high-tension centripetal kind of staging, Ami aims to stir the audience’s unconscious so that a dynamic and primordial drama may flower in its imaginary.


The avant garde and the traditional collide and converge in Ami’s performance; yet at the same time, the Ami Theatre enjoys a reputation of being the closest to authentic noh theatre.


The “dynamic and primordial stage” mentioned above refers to Okamura’s concept of the “disappearing stage”. For further information, refer to the Ami Theatre manifesto that explains the company’s acting theory.



7-26-19 Toshima Kita-ku Tokyo



Adv. ¥3000 / Door. ¥3500


26 May 2017   19:00

27 May 2017   14:00/19:00

28 May 2017   14:00

Booking through until 25 May 2017



Kazuko Shimazu

Yojiro Okamura

Hisa Uzawa(Noh actress)


Written & Directed by Yojiro Okamura


Hisa Uzawa

Kanze Noh actress Shite-kata(Intangible Cultural Property)


Born 1949 as a daughter of Masashi Kanze, a descendent of Kan’ami and Zeami who founded the Noh movement in the 14th century. Trained by her father Masashi Kanze, Hisao Kanze and Tetsunojo Kanze. With her family one of Japanese five main Noh schools. She made her Noh stage debut at the age of three. She is said to be the pioneer of Noh actress, has a big influence on young- generation-Noh actresses. She is a member of “Tessenkai Theater”. “Tessenkai Theater” is one of Japanese most acclaimed ensembles of the traditional Noh theater. She attended Tokyo University of Arts. Won Ataka Prize.  Won Kawasaki cultural prize. She is the head of “Uzawa-Hisa-no-kai”(Noh theater group)  


Yojiro Okamura



Through a five-year physical training on the “recovery of the body” at the Takeuchi Toshiharu Theatre Institute, Okamura Yojiro discovered for himself the origin of theatrical creation. He then trained with the renowned noh actor Kanze Hideo for eight years. In this way, Okamura enjoys an unusual background for a practitioner engaging in contemporary theatre. In addition, he is the owner-manager of the Tokyo Babylon Theatre complex, which is dedicated to the production of experimental performance arts such as butoh, contemporary dance, and theatre.

Kazuko Shimazu

President of AMI Theater Company,Actress


2010 July    “A Blue Cleanser Box: From the Siberian Sky”

2012 Janualy “A Cry from the Wilderness”

2012 April   “The Boy:the Record of a Schizophrenic’s Soul”

2012 November “A Quiet Decline”

2013 November Four Hundredth Anniversary of Japan-British Relations

              “Rains in Neandertal Forest”

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